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[ 24.01.2008 ] - Update update update!!!
Sorry site is not updated often. But several fresh materials is available: Also i added external links for Honda Service Manuals for many Honda car models. Hope, it's will be useful. You can try it on my Shop Manual section.

Now all of my time i spend to my new project: Automotive Photography. Don't forget to visit it!

[ 16.05.2004 ] - Photo update
The problems of everyday life force me to pay less attention to my site, but I still try not to forget about it. Thank you all for your support and for the letters you write! I apologize if I don't answer some of them. Sometimes I simply don't have the ability to answer it in English. Right now, my Accord needs another paintjob - the roof needs to be repainted. It also needs new wheels. The former, I already purchased and will do another photo session as soon as they get here. For now, you can take a look at the latest photos from our Honda meetings: For desert you can also watch the exclusive video clips of street races in Russia in 2003. These videos are published for the first time because earlier I did not have the ability to upload suck large files (about 200b each) to my site. Finally, the latest addition of May 2004: a photo gallery of illegal races in Moscow on a very unique track...402 meters in the underground parking facilities of a huge shopping center! Truly interesting!

[ 12.02.2004 ] - New photo gallery, full version of Shop Manual and more...
I recently had some time to update my site and in the near future i will upload some new intresting articles! Now you can see Honda Accords 3rd Gen Gallery, where i posted several Accords from around the world. If you have good photos of your Accord, you can send it to me by e-mail. My work on the Shop Manual is complete! The original PDF version is ready to downloading. Don't ask me where i got it :-) Just use and enjoy. It already has supplements for 86, 87, 88 and 89 years where you can find information about B20A engines... All in the Shop Manual section. More intresting updates coming soon.

[ 16.10.2003 ] - Shop Manual update and new photos in Racing Gallery
So, there has been a small update on my site. I made an update file for the Shop Manual wich includes the missing pages and I also posted some photos to Street Racing Gallery. See ya.

[ 21.09.2003 ] - New photos and reconstruction of site
The site hasn't received any updates in a long time, which is a result of me having to work and study at the same time. My car is in full health, except for a fried ballast system unit for the left headlight. Until the next paycheck I'll have to drive around with only one headlight :-0. I am hoping that soon I will be able to do a major update on this site since I have many new photographs and videos to upload. Right now I updated the My Modifications section with the addition of my newest upgrade-H&R Stage 2 progressive sport springs which lowered the car by 1.5 inches (40 mm).

[ 12.07.2003 ] - The Power of Dreams!
Today is one of the happiest days of my life in the last six months... For the first time I was able to drive my Aerodeck after the accident. Right now it is almost ready, and I think tomorrow I will be able to upload new photographs of the Aerodeck... The artistic uplift will help with my work on the site. I am soon planning to write a complete article about the resurrection of the Aerodeck. Now you can also see the new Photoshop Power project - "No Popup Headlights", in which I tested how the Accord looks with non-popup headlights. There is also another update with the pictures of my friend's Honda Civic Si in the Other Honda Models section. Have a look, it is worth it!

[ 31.05.2003 ] - DragRacing in Yahroma and videos
The promised update is late, but finally done: the article about the championship of Drag Racing in Yahroma is finally available! We were able to shoot a video of the races which will be soon available for download in a low-quality version: DivX (320x240), 6:12, around 31 Mb. Those who would like to get the full original quality video can purchase such from me.
Special Thanks goes out to 3axap ('89AccordLX(Rus)) for extensive help with the translation of this site.

[ 02.05.2003 ] - Updates coming soon
The situation with my car seems to have moved from a standstill and I will soon be behind the wheel again. Can't wait... Right now I am catching rides with my friends to our small races. I will soon add photos and a couple of video clips, I still have to do the montage for them though. See ya!

[ 11.04.2003 ] - Photos from the street races, a new season
My friends and I opened a new racing season, as well as the beginning of Spring - the time of dry asphalt, beautiful weather, rapid acceleration, breath taking speed and effective braking. The time of adrenaline... The participants in our private races were Audi A4 1.8T 189hp, Audi TT 1.8T 185hp, and a Honda Civic VTI 1.6 160 hp... A small overview of the races as well as photos is available in the Photo Gallery // Street Racing Photos section.

[ 05.04.2003 ] - New "About" section and more good news!
The replacement parts for the Aerodeck are finally here! The car's repairs are under way and will be explained and detailed in an article that I plan to write. In the mean time I have completed the About section which incorporates all the information I could find about the Third Generation Accords including information regarding the various engines, suspension, styling, and much more. The article took much time to complete and is probably one of the most comprehensive publications available about the 1986-89 Accords. Furthermore, a new Photo Shop creation will soon be added to the Photo Shopped Power Section of this site. This project is once again based on the Aerodeck yet presents a unique outlook on the modernized concept of fixed headlights as well as an addition of an eye-catching body kit all set against a beautiful Moscow background.
Special Thanks goes out to 3axap ('89AccordLX(Rus)) for extensive help with the translation of this site.

[ 21.02.2003 ] - This is how dreams are shattered...
This day finally came. I expected that sooner or later this may happen, but never thought it would be so stupid, pathetic, and humiliating. I crashed my Aerodeck, my love, my dreams, half of my life's essence... I may be sick, but that doesn't matter any more.

The event occurred on February 20th, on kilometer 70 on the MKAD (beltway in Moscow), around one o'clock in the afternoon. At that time cars are many, and the traffic crawls slowly although the weather allowed for faster speed. Dry pavement, -5 degrees Celsius outside, good weather and the bright sun shinning from the back. The perfect time to enjoy the drive!

I was traveling slowly in the second lane because the traffic was pretty dense. When the traffic in the lane started to slow down, I decided to change lanes to the second lane. I changed lanes and was now traveling about 50 km/h. The distance between my car and the car in front of me was about 50 meters. In about 2-3 seconds a Peugeot 206, which was about 30 meters in front of me stops dead in its tracks? This is rather common on MKAD and I always keep a distance suitable for these situations. I pressed on the brake pedal and slowed down to 30 km/h, everything was routine at this point. Then the ABS kicked in and I felt the characteristic bumps as the brakes pulsated. The distance is disappearing fast and the speed is not decreasing. 15 meters from the Peugeot I realize that I won't stop in time. I look to the right, there is a car there, and I proceed to look whether or not I can squeeze through between the Peugeot and the barrier. No, not enough space... A moment passes, crash...

I didn't collide with the dash, which is a good thing already, only my glasses fell off. The hit was quiet hard however. I turned on my flashers and got out of the car. From the Peugeot emerged a young woman. Since I was in a situation similar to hers previously, I immediately tried to explain that I acknowledge my fault and will provide a settlement. However, this is not very interesting.

The repairs for the Peugeot cost about $1000. Sadly, my financial situation can only be called catastrophic right now as I only have $300 in the "piggy bank for new engine". The current job doesn't allow for such a sum being accumulated even within 6 months. This is not the worst however, since I will borrow money from my parents who always try to help me out as much as possible.

My Aerodeck however sustained extensive damage. The hit was situated at the crease on the hood with an angle of about 30 degrees. The front was dislocated inward 30-35 cm. As a result the following need to be replaced:

- hood
- front bumper
- front fenders
- sidemarkers (the foged/dark ones)
- radiator grill
- insert on the bumper underneath the radiator grill
- bumper strengthener
- headlights (glass elements, mounting brackets, Xenon lamps, metal inserts)
- maybe the retractor motor(s) - unable to tell on first inspection
- hood moldings and headlight moldings
- front middle, and top panels

There are probably more parts, since I didn't open the hood, considering that it will probably not close after being opened.

The car also evidently requires the use of a frame puller to straighten the frame. With the most economical accounts - the repair is about $2000. Basically the cost of another car.

This event shattered half of my life. As of now I am not sure what I want to do in the future. Right now I am more worried about causing unwanted hassles for the owner of the Peugeot. My Aerodeck is probably going to be restored but when I am not sure. I will try not to forget about this site and keep it updated. Sincere gratitude to everyone for the support, letters, and signatures in the guest book. I am greatly affected by it. Almost 9000 individual visitors a month - a statistic like is not common, especially on a site dedicated to a 17-year old automobile.

With respect, Paul aka Paul Aerodeck 86

[ 07.02.2003 ] - Gauges project updated!
The Custom gauges project page has been updated! Big thanks to '89AccordLX(Rus) who helped translate the page to its normal language and look. I explained how to properly install the gauge faces, and I also changed the download files. I am hoping that everything will be easier to use. All of the files are saved in BMP 300 dpi format, which should fix the printing problems. A new gallery has been added to the "Exhibitions" section.

[ 01.02.2003 ] - New photos and updates coming soon!
So, after long no-updates period, i upload new photos into Street Racing / Drag Racing section. I working for more updates, but i some intresting articles i have only in russian english and can't translate good to english. If someone can help me, i will be very pleasure to you. My "ABOUT" section is ready, it's have unique tech specs and i also found way to translate it correctly. So, visit my page on this week for new updates!

News from the year 2002 were moved to the news archive.

In this section I created direct links to some materials on my site in order to ease navigation.

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